European Academy for Standardisation e.V.

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Registered non-profit society


  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Henk de Vries, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (President)
  • Dr. Ivana Mijatovic, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade (Vice-President)
  • Dr. Kai Jakobs, Aachen University (Vice-President)
  • Dr. Cesare Riillo, STATEC (Vice-President)
  • Dr. Niclas Meyer, B,S,S. Volkswirtschaftliche Beratung (Treasurer)

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c/o Sonnenweg 3
49324 Melle
Tel: (+31 55) 3010170
E-mail: see contact




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2020 EURAS Call for Papers

The 25th EURAS Annual Standardisation Conference will be held from 10-20 June 2020 at the Adam Smith Business School, The University of Glasgow, UK. The organisation committee have published the First Call for Papers. The theme is 'Standards for Digital Transformation: Blockchain and Innovation'.

Please submit papers by 15 February 2020. Notification will be sent out on or before 22 March. The deadline for the final paper is 5 April 2020.

You'll find the call for papers in the download section.